A boutique education and corporate consulting firm, with a unique outdoor focus.

Blackseed Education’s approach is to use best-in-class consultants, that work alongside our clients in order to explore solutions to their problems, through a refreshing outdoor approach. The use of exploring outdoor environments is a key catalyst for change, which empowers organisations to develop beyond their expectations.

Blackseed Education goes beyond the metaphorical ‘blackbox’ which symbolises the classroom or corporate office. Our team and partners specialise in the management and delivery of outdoor learning, team building and leadership development programs for schools, colleges and corporate organisations.

Blackseed Education was founded by a group of Educationalists and Professional Consultants, with over 50 years of experience between them in the provision of bespoke consulting services to organisations within the Education and other Vertical sectors. Our unique processes of managing change and the using the outdoors as a backdrop inspires our clients to ‘Explore, Beyond, Potential…’

Our Approach

Exploring the Individual

Blackseed Education believes development starts with the individual. Every person has a hidden potential; our research shows the outdoor elements have an incredible power that helps unleash this potential.

‘The Blackseed Way’ focuses on using outdoor environments as the backdrop for developing the individual, their ability to work in a team, and their capacity to become a leader.


Beyond the 'blackbox'

The philosophy behind our service is to move beyond the conventional environment of a classroom or an office, allowing our clients a unique opportunity to take a step back and reflect upon their progress as individuals.

Growing potential

The history of the blackseed is one that dates back to the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean region. The Greeks and Romans both used it as a remedy for healing a number of ilnnesses. It is said the blackseed carries with it a remedy for all illnesses.

At Blackseed Education we metaphorically embrace this philosophy, and believe strongly the outdoors provides a solution for unearthing the potential of individuals, groups and organisations