“A leader is heard, a great leader is listened to” (Jacob Kaye)

Corporate Leadership Program

About the program

Our corporate programs aim to enable senior leaders and middle managers to draw upon their collective experiences, and enhance their performance as leaders. Using a combination of best-in-class outdoor activity centres and high quality residential retreat locations around United Kingdom. We aim to take leaders in true Blackseed spirit to ‘explore beyond potential’

Each corporate program is designed in close conjunction with the organisational needs of the client, and allows delegates to go through a reflective process – which has the been proven to enhance results, organisational culture and responsiveness to change in market forces

Empowering Outcomes

  1. Leaders are able to manage change in their departments
  2. Leaders who are able to identify strengths and weaknesses within their business
  3. Leaders who are able to develop clear and cohesive strategies for success
  4. Leaders who are able to inspire and motivate their workforce
  5. Leaders who are representative of the change which they want to see in their organisation

Target Audience: Managing Directors, CEOs, Senior Leaders, Managers and Boardroom Directors

Duration of Program: Periodic 3 day weekend retreats

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