“I wasn't planning to lead, I was standing in the back and then everyone turned around” (Avery Hiebert)

Graduate Leadership Program

About the program

Our graduate programs aim to develop the necessary skills within the next generation of corporate executives, using a combination of best-in-class outdoor activity centres and high quality residential retreat locations around the UK and abroad.

Each program is custom designed in accordance with each client’s organisational needs. Every delegate will have the opportunity to explore their own leadership style, with a view to developing leadership capabilities which can have a measurable impact upon our clients’ businesses.

Value adding outcomes, measurable impact

  1. Instilling a leadership mind-set within each delegate, and a positive leadership culture within each group
  2. Delegates are able to manage and take on responsibility for the performance of others
  3. Each delegate is able to self reflect upon the impact of their behaviour and actions upon others
  4. Development of leaders with the ability to deliver results through others

Target Audience: Graduates (21-24 years)

Duration of Program: Periodic 1 week residentials

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