Tim Johnson

Tim advises Blackseed Education on the delivery of its outdoor programmes, particularly those concerned with walking. He is a longtime supporter of outdoor education, and an active member of the Ramblers Association – the UK charity which promotes the benefits of walking and preservation of the British countryside. He has led hundreds of walks over the past 25 years, mostly in the south-east of England.

Tim is also a Governor of an inner London Primary school and has been since 2002, including several years as Chair of Governors. He understands the value of outdoor activities and their impact on individual and student development.

Tim Johnson has a BSc in Physics from Imperial College, London. He is known as an expert in broadband developments around the world, and frequently speaks on this topic at conferences in Europe, Asia-Pacific and America.

Favourite outdoor pursuit: “Walking across a few hills”

Favourite outdoor quote: “Let me wander, not unseen, by hedge-row elms on hillocks green” (Milton)