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Free School Applications



Free Schools are a recent government initiative aimed at changing the dynamics of the state school system in the UK. These schools are free to attend, and there is a level of freedom by the provider to chose its own curriculum, term dates, and pay and conditions for staff. Free schools are free to operate in accordance with needs of parents and pupils. Groups who want to set up a Free School, must have their proposal approved by the Department for Education. Our application support service draws upon the experience of our consultants in helping deliver a range of successful free school applications. Specifically we provide support with sourcing the right team of consultants for each independent application, alongside project managing the entire process for our clients. Specialist support with key areas of the Free School application is also provided, especially with the following key sections of the Free School application:

-Vision & Ethos

-Education Plan

-Financial Plan

-Evidence of Demand

For successful applications, we provide follow on support with post submission DfE interviews, and also the school design, build and launch plans. There is an increasing body of evidence that suggests that schools run by parents, teachers, charities, and independent organisations improve standards more rapidly than those run by politicians – and in the process push existing schools to do better. Not only can we look to Academies in England, but Free Schools in Sweden and Charter Schools in the US have produced great results for their students. Our aim is to help a range of organisations with the aspiration to establish state schools which contribute towards improving standards across the board.

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