Consulting Services: Education

Specialist Recruitment



Recruitment is a particular area of interest for our clients, and for this reason we provide support with sourcing both short and long term supply teaching positions.

Our service is bespoke, so we choose from a very specific pool of candidates that we believe can add value and have a positive impact on the schools we work with. We specialise in ‘headhunting’ candidates for key senior leadership positions within our client’s schools in the UK.

Outside of the UK, we have access to a number of partner schools which follow a British Curriculum or the International Baccalaureate. These schools also have very specialist recruitment requirements, and we are working with a number of providers to meet these needs.

Blackseed Education's distinct advantage in this area is its access to a network of qualified practitioners, which are flexible and adaptive to changing organisational needs and in true Blackseed spirit, prepared to take on new challenges regardless of geographical location.

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