“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight, but no vision" (Helen Keller)

Consulting Services: Corporate

Strategic Vision & Mission Building



The Blackseed team organises specialist residential retreats for its corporate clients, enabling company executives to work collaboratively towards developing their corporate vision, mission and subsequent strategic objectives.

Our outdoor approach, enables executives to step away from their chaotic working environment, and take a more focussed step towards aligning their organisational needs with the needs of their businesses. We take our clients to a range of leading residential locations and outdoor activity centres to help facilitate this important process.

Each corporate retreat is facilitated by our own team, who have worked for some of the leading corporate organisations in the world, and will help attendees to think ‘outside the blackbox’ when dealing with their everyday business problems. The Blackseed team aims to deliver long term value, and views the retreats as the start of a process in which tangible outcomes of the retreats are periodically reviewed with our clients.

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